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Make more money... 
Have more time...
Get more results
...WITHOUT all the overwhelm!

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You have the dreams, the ambition, and the drive to build a wildly successful network marketing business.

Ugh... I get it.  There's a LOT to learn and do.

When I got started in this industry, I spent TWO YEARS FAILING.

I WISH that I had the support that we offer inside of the Biz Academy back then. 

I would have avoided all the confusion and mistakes that...

✅ Killed my confidence
✅ Made me think about quitting
✅ Took me forever to figure out on my own

Instead I would have had...

✅ More money  
✅ More freedom 
✅ More time to spend on what matters

The Biz Academy is for women who want to have it all…

 ⚡ The success   
 ⚡ The impact  
 ⚡ The joy
Biz Academy for Women™ is the #1 global, online success membership 
for women growing their businesses across the direct sales and network marketing industry.

Are you drowning in overwhelm, inconsistency and confusion?

  • Confusion about what's working NOW in social selling
  • ​Not exactly sure what to post to attract new leads
  • Endlessly consuming YouTube videos that may or may not be outdated
  • ​Uplines with old, outdated training that doesn't work anymore.
  • Sending awkward direct messages to strangers
  • ​Provide tons of free "value" (what does that even mean?) in Facebook groups or in comments under peoples posts
  • ​​(Desperately) pitch yourself wherever you can
  • Buy yet another $27 shiny object that promises you the secret key to finally get customers and recruits (just to find out it’s another outdated strategy or simply again sending cold DMs)

But OMG... you are exhausted, aren't you?
When is this business going to make you any money?

Or you could (like over 3000 other women in network marketing and direct sales) join the Biz Academy and...

  • Grow a loyal audience of people that actually want your help
  • ​You start to attract high-quality prospects that are an amazing fit for you
  • ​Grow an amazing team
  • ​Be able to create powerful transformations and amazing results
  • Show up with confidence and authenticity
  • ​Make a great living from helping others
  • Work on your on terms and schedule​
  • ​Build the foundation for scaling into more passive income streams
  • Ditch sleazy sales tactics and desperate cold outreach


Some (pretty impressive) stats...  

Over 3,000 members served!

Members from 21+ countries around the world!

Members representing 122+ companies

Thousands of members have  ranked up!

Thousands of our members have made more money!!

100% percent would recommend us! 🏆

Are you tired of looking all over the place for 
updated, current training and mentorship 
(that works)
so you can actually grow your biz?

What's Inside...

Attract all the Leads You Need to GROW

  • New, LIVE coaching and training every single month.
  • Masterclasses on how to find hundreds (sometimes thousands) of prospects in your own local area or on the internet. 
  • ​Masterclasses on how to create video/reels that CONVERT to sales and new recruits.
  • ​Groups, Communities, and even... real life recruiting and selling masterclasses!

Betty Ann Sudbury

"My Business Has Grown 500% in 6 Months"

After a break, I was re-launching my business and wanted to get things growing quickly.

Since joining the Biz Academy, my business has grown 500% in the last 6 months and I’m bringing on 6-8 new people every month in my business. 

Unlike what I was taught in my company - I feel I am really helping people and this “no pressure” approach makes selling and recruiting easy.

Make Sales on Social
  • New, LIVE coaching and training every single month.
  • ELEGANT and effective ways to connect with hundreds of your perfect prospects online.
  • ​How to convert your prospects into customers and team members using classy strategies.
  • ​Everything you need to know NOW about how to grow your biz on social.
  • ​AUTOMATION - tools, tips and strategies to make more and work LESS.

"I've Increased To Over $7,000 In Monthly Sales Volume"

Before I started in the Academy, my business had plateaued at $2000 a month in sales.

Since then, I’ve increased to over $7000 in monthly sales volume, recruited 4 new leaders and just advanced TWO levels in my company in the last month.

I feel so much more confident and am excited to see where my business is going this year.

Lindsay Kusy

Sell and Recruit with EASE
  • New, LIVE coaching and training every single month.
  • How to sell without selling.
  • ​What to say in messenger without feeling like a salesy weirdo.
  • How to turn those that engage with you into buyers.
  • ​How to answer the dreaded "What do you do?" in a way that attracts your perfect prospect.

Brianna Anninger

"My Team Volume Has Grown From $2k to $20k"

The Biz Academy has completely changed my life and business. When I first started, I was
struggling and afraid to talk to anyone.

In the last 6 months my team volume has grown from $2000 to over $20,000, I’ve
personally sponsored 32 people, earned $16k in bonuses and qualified for three company

More importantly I now live in my “courageous zone” and enjoy building my business.

Leadership and Personal Development
Learn how to lead yourself and others to create awesome results. These powerful personal development, coaching and team-building skills will help you access more of your talent and ability and create consistent results in your biz.
Biz Academy for Women was Started with one goal only
This academy is the first and only membership 100% focused on helping women in network marketing and direct sales create 6+ figure businesses from home.
We've taken everything we've learned from building our own multiple 7-figure businesses, and structured it into this easy-to-learn (and easy to use) format.
This is the ONLY program in the network marketing profession that will show you, step by step, WHERE to find hundreds of your perfect prospects...

WHAT TO SAY so your prospects "see the value" and get excited to buy from you and join your team...

...and HOW TO REACH MORE PEOPLE and scale your business using simple and effective social media techniques.

The end result - a business that pays you well, frees up your time and helps you make a positive difference in the lives of many people. 


Sarah Zolecki 

 Top Earner and Team-Building Titan

Sarah Zolecki is a well-loved and respected industry speaker and trainer whose business talent has been recognized with several awards from her company, including Distributor of the Year, Driver of the Year (twice) and top Leadership Award (out of over millions distributors).

Sarah has spoken on stages all over the world including Eric Worre's Go Pro, The Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing and hundreds of others.

Sherell Slaise

Entrepreneur and Personal Leadership Pro

Sherell Slaise is an entrepreneur and owns several businesses today in online and network marketing and real estate.

She is a business mentor to 1000's of home-based business entrepreneurs. Sherell’s authentic communication and inspirational messages of personal leadership creates strong connections with all who are mentored and led by her.

Sherell holds accolades as a top 1% rank, a 6-figure income earner, and she leads a community of over 4 thousand business owners seeking knowledge to grow an online audience and find the right people for their businesses.

Tasha Smith

Sales Trainer Extraordinaire and Best-Selling Author

Tasha Smith is one of the top sales trainers in the network marketing industry. 

Tasha is the founder of Emerge Sales Training, whose mission is to give hope, confidence, and skills to network marketers of all levels. 

She is a business coach, sales trainer, speaker, and author of the #1 best-selling book, Customer First: Create More Impact and Income With Your Network Marketing Business Without Being High Pressure Or "Salesy”.

She has taken numerous teams to the top of their companies. 

Jules Price

Top Earner and Powerhouse Performer

Jules Price is one of the top reps for a worldwide online greeting card and gift company. This business opened up an unexpected worldwide platform for her to voice her down-to-earth, relatable advice.

Her inspirational mindset, quirky sense of humor, and ability to empower and inspire people into action has helped tens of thousands of network marketers grow their businesses.

Jules uses this elegant approach to convert (no kidding) 80%+ of her prospects and building strong relationships and a ton of value in the process.

Karla Silver

Digital Marketing Expert and Recruiting Powerhouse

Karla has reached the top ranks of 6 network marketing companies, all without pitching her friends and family, going to meetings, parties, cold messaging people on social, or any of those shenanigans.

Been voted into the Top 50 Internet Marketers in the Direct Sales industry.

Karla is the CEO of the Biz Academy for Women,™ the #1 global membership for women in network marketing & direct sales.

She is also the founder of GROWmaticly, network marketing's #1 tool for automation.

Karla also runs a high-level coaching program, Top Producer Mastermind, the #1 personalized coaching program for marketers that are looking to accelerate their growth and build a wildly successful business.

Check out these 💗 love  notes 💗 from our members...

Monthly access to our...


Each month inside the Biz Academy we create content calendar that tells you what to post each day, following our Social Selling Content Strategy!  


😍 Our Social Selling Content Calendar takes allll the guesswork out of what to post!

😍 Make more money - The Social Selling Content Calendar gives you a real strategy that you can easily follow to get real results.

😍 Each month is planned out for you! 

  • Post prompts every single day
  • Proven Strategy
  • Hundreds of ideas to choose from
  • ​Engagement-boosting questions

Special pairing with an...


Each month inside the Biz Academy you can sign up to get an accountability partner. This is where we pair you with another member and you can work together throughout the month and hold each other accountable.


these bonuses are so good, 
you won't be able to resist them! 
01. planners and trackers!
Planners and trackers and workbooks galore!  We have so much support for you and your team, you will want to stay FOREVER!
Seriously though... you will LOVE all the templates we give you.  VALUE: $97/month
02. academy book club!
Join our member-led  Book Club! You’ll organise what books you want to read, when you’re reading them and when you’ll meet up to discuss them. 📚 If you’re a bookworm, 🐛 you’ll love this group. VALUE: $47/month 
03. co-working times
It's always easier to work alongside others. Join other members of BAW and get work done together.  VALUE: $197/month
04. Academy app!
Access everything from your computer, or your PHONE! 📱  #coulditgetanybetter  VALUE: $47/month
05. Monthly image and                     social media templates 
Every month we create social media posts and images FOR YOU in Canva.  Easily share our images to your Canva account and you can either edit them, or use them as is!  This is an enormous time-saver!  VALUE: $97
06. ticket to momentum!
Once a year, we hold a value-packed three-day event.  Over our three days together, you will leave transformed and ready to take your business and life to the next level.  VALUE: $497

You’ll learn the “best kept success secrets” from savvy 7-figure leaders, including:

  • Where to find the people who’ll become your top leaders
  • ​How to keep your team motivated and in action (even in challenging times)
  • ​How to use personal branding to attract professional and corporate women into your team
  • ​Follow up and closing skills that work wonders for women
  • ​How to create a team culture that is fun and breeds strong leaders
  • How to use Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other tools to grow and empower your team
  • ​Tips to set up your schedule so you can build strong without burning out
  • ​How to deal with internal company challenges (or difficult upline/downline people) gracefully
  • ​How to change people’s negative options about network marketing and recruit people who previously wouldn’t have joined your business

As an entrepreneur you need to learn a lot about a lot! 

That's why the Academy is all-inclusive & all-you-can-"eat!"

Investing in yourself and your dreams is great, but course after course after course adds ups, especially when you’re just starting out and your plans and ideas are changing faster than fashion trends.

That’s why we offer a complete library with all the strategies, expert training and learning you could need as a network marketer/direct sales professional - both now and in the future... all available to you on-demand!

As a member, you get access to over 50+ essential courses, and new ones added every single month.

Pick and choose what works for you and tailor your learning to suit your unique journey!

Get INSTANT access to...
over 50 business classes
Everything you need to know to build the business of your dreams.
community and directory
Get listed in our directory and connect with over 5000 women in business!
live events and workshops
Get your questions answered and get the support you need.
social selling content calendar
You almost don't even have to THINK!  We'll share a social selling strategy, with daily posts so that you WIN!
accountability partner
Work 1-1 with your partner to accomplish so much more.
Co-Working and Book Club
NOTHING will accelerate your success faster than working with other members that are on the same path as you!
Isn't it time you join the #1 global, online membership for women growing their businesses across the direct sales and network marketing industry?
what's the catch?
We only open enrollment for a very short window a couple of times per year.

Act now, or it's the waiting list for you! 
Our Love it or Leave it Guarantee...
We're confident 💪 you're going to love what you learn in the Academy, so we want to make it as easy as possible to get started.

If you are a monthly member, and at some point, decide you want to move on, 😭😭😭😭 just send us an email to before your next payment date. There's no long term contract or obligation.

Nope, that's not how we roll.

If you purchase an annual membership and you need to leave before the year is up, you can receive a refund (minus the pro-rated fees for months that have passed). Deal?

Many of our members have been with us 4+ years (and aren't going anywhere) so we're pretty confident you'll love this too!  😍

Most helpful platform I have ever found. Biz Academy is hands on training , NWM specific training, really the best I have been lucky enough to be a part of. Instructors are so genuine and are NWM successes, so the teachings are exactly what I need to learn. The community is so supportive, authentic and has great integrity. WINNER with a capital W
This Academy is exactly what I was looking for to move my business forward. I need solid strategies to know “how” to achieve the higher ranks in my company. I observed the majority of people reach a certain rank then stall out for years. 🤔  The step by step solutions and coaching are just incredible! The non salesy, heart-centered approach resonates with my soul. 💖
- dana cartwright, missouri
Have had some great trainings, insights and tips I have not heard before within my own company trainings. New information, new perspectives, new verbiages to try out. Great to hear from a number of different successful females within the industry with different business background and different NWM company background.  
- Jessica Patel, melbourne australia



Learn exactly how to find & attract your ideal customer as well as grow & scale your business. Designed for on-the-go learning.


Fill in questionnaires and check-off the right steps in the right order. Know exactly what to do next – it’s plug & play!


Surround yourself with people on the same track. Get feedback from our community & the support you need from our team.

First, the Academy is NOT “another course” or even “another membership group.” It’s so much more… and LESS. Yes, less!!!!   We know you’re already overwhelmed with ideas, content, information, and responsibilities. That’s why we will help you start strong with the end in mind and figure out what you need to do right away to get you where you want to be with your business and your life.  Then we give you the specific skills to get there… and make sure you get it. You’re never left alone to figure it out on your own. Focus. Accountability. Guidance. Support. And a whole bunch of fun to go along with it. 
With over 1000 women in over 21 countries and 122+ companies, our members represent a diverse range of network marketers and direct sales entrepreneurs. So whether you're a Canadian wellness advocate, a Venezuelan consultant, an English distributor, or a French diamond, we can help you!
No, not at all! If you’ve been in business for any time, you’ll be very familiar with what I call the “entrepreneurial roller coaster.” Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, a new set of problems arise to test your patience, determination, and commitment!  And, frankly... MARKETING CHANGES ALLLLLL THE DANG TIME.  And the cool thing is... we're here to sort through all the flashy stuff and deliver the new tactics... that work... NOW.
We don't offer refunds, simply because you get access to EVERYTHING right from the start... BUT... we're confident 💪 you're going to love what you learn in the Academy!

Here's our GUARANTEE:

If you are a monthly member, and at some point, decide you want to move on, 😭😭😭😭 just let us know before your next payment date. There's no long term contract or obligation. Nope, that's not how we roll.

If you purchase an annual membership and you need to leave before the year is up, you can receive a refund (minus the pro-rated fees for months that have passed). Deal? 

Many of our members have been with us 3+ years (and aren't going anywhere) so we're pretty confident you'll love this too! 😍

But... maybe you're still not sure?

Where could you be a year from today if you had access to the right training and support to help you thrive?

How much success could you create? How different would you feel?

Building the business of your dreams is simply about taking the right next steps, learning the right strategies, and surrounding yourself with the right people.

We really don’t want you to miss out, and we can’t wait to see you and all the success you’re gonna create on the other side!

get started today!

This is the ONLY time we've opened enrollment this year!
Don't miss out!

$79 $39/month
$790 $390/year
That's TWO months FREE!

BOTH are a whopping 50% discount!

  • Instant access to 50+ training modules - Everything you need to know to build the business of your dreams. VALUE: $197/month
  • Live coaching calls VALUE: $197/month
  • ​BONUS: Social Selling Content Calendar VALUE: $97/month
  • BONUS: Accountability partners! VALUE: $97/month
  • ​BONUS: Academy book club! VALUE: $47/month
  • BONUS: Co-working opportunities VALUE: $197/month
  • ​BONUS: Academy app! VALUE: $47/month
  • ​BONUS: Set Up for Success Masterclass VALUE: $97

That's a CRAZY $879/month in value 
PLUS another $991 in bonuses!

Cancel Anytime!

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